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               Positive Expectations  +  Creative Coaching  =  Measurable results


I am an engaging, supportive camera and presentation coach that helps professionals project a relaxed, energized, and trustworthy persona on-camera or in live presentations.  With decades of experience using time-honored coaching techniques, I can deliver results by helping you and your team to:

    Eliminate stage fright

    1. oBuild self confidence for presentations

    2. oMaster the interview process

    3. oBe better positioned for internal advancement

    Develop camera presentation skills

    1. oCorporate video testimonials

    2. oPromotional “You Tube” videos

    3. oVideo Resumes

    4. oEmbedded Video Content

    5. oVideo Conferencing

    Master scripted material

    1. oSpeaking the written word more naturally & eloquently

    2. oUsing a TelePrompTer effectively

    3. oBecoming comfortable with your own style of delivery

    4. oSecrets of the “Ear-Prompter”

    Refine presentation skills

    1. oVoice training / coaching

    2. oSpeech / diction coaching

    3. oBody language and gesture

Corporate Communication Consulting

Decades of first-hand experience working with corporate and commercial video production, combined with a career of  refining, teaching and coaching presentation techniques, have given me a unique perspective on the needs of corporate clients.  This, enhanced by the creative flair necessary to create engaging productions, position me to effectively coach the interpersonal communication and camera presentation skills you need to successfully connect with your audience.

I’ve adapted tried-and-true theatrical and camera coaching techniques and made them directly applicable to the communication needs of public speakers, managers, team leaders – anyone who is interacting in a corporate or sales setting or creating an on-line/video presence.

Rates are competitive and depend on the type of coaching needed and number of sessions requested.

I am available to work on retainer or contingency-based fee arrangement. 


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